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     We're giving away Several titles this time around, including Shadows of Mordor; Oxenfree; Ultimate Chicken Horse; RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry; Dungeon Souls and Neon Chrome!

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Verdun: Trench Warfare Sucks and I Want A Bayonet

     There are times it feels like every other player on the server is experienced with ranked Counter-Strike. I show my funny little hat even an inch above the lip of the crater, and I'm waiting for my respawn in the next wave. Then there are times it feels like I'm an invisible god with a revolver that someone stuck a bayonet on the end of. There are times when I find myself assaulting the line I'm technically supposed to be holding right now. World War 1 sucked, and Verdun communicates that. Matches end in draws because neither side will take one step back. One captured trench will mark a victory for that day.

     I've been following and meaning to write a review of this game for about 4 years now. I would've loved to start when it was in open beta, but it went out of open beta before I found this site. So you'll have to take my word for how things used to be. When I played it for the first time, absolute routs were frequent, and the enemy might be driven from the field before the twenty minutes were up. Now, it's a brutal fight where I might find myself in the same trench for half the match, without the role of attacker or defender ever meaningfully


Before and after: Seeking cover from incoming enemy fire. Note that throwing yourself in a crater does require you to be able to fall faster than the enemy bullets can catch up to you. I was unable to do so.
     Why do I have so much fun with it? I think it's because Verdun is one of those games that forces you to earn your keep. If you go in with mad twitch-reflexes, it'll only carry you so far, because one of those logs behind the enemy trench is actually a sniper who's been beading down on you for five seconds. He'll take more effort to cycle the bolt, which is done manually in Verdun, than he will to drop you facedown in the mud. When you and your teammates communicate and operate well together, establishing a base of fire and advancing smoothly and quickly and using artillery support, it feels good. When the other team does it, and you hold the line anyways, it feels better. And of course, when you don't, it kinda hurts.
I totally didn't spectate a match because I needed to ragequit a little. This was for you guys.

So you could see the game better. You're welcome.

     I played some of Battlefield 1, and I have to say, while Battlefield 1 is a fun game, it didn't quite feel as strategic to me. It felt like a World War 1-skinned Battlefield. Verdun is focused on being about World War 1, and though the normal $25 price tag is a little too steep for me, if it's on sale, I recommend you get it and hit me up on Steam at Stripe_The_Hound, or keep an eye out for me in-game with the username I had when I started playing it in beta: Stripykiller.

Verdict: Trench Warfare Absolutely Sucks, but at Least I Have a Bayonet.

Dragon Quest Builders 2!!


     Dragon Quest builders is like the love child of Dragon Quest and Minecraft and it's a brilliant game. I fell in love with this game when it first dropped, making sure to get on day one and I still play it. So the announcment of a second is just pure gamer bliss. HERES THE STORY.

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Free Stuff? FREE STUFF!!

In case you're not a part of the facebook group (or you live under a rock), we're having a summer give away!
Join us at IAZAGWS and enter for a chance to win one of 7 Steam codes! All part of our GREAT SUMMER GIVEAWAY!  They're (almost) AAA titles. So...like...AAB titles? Maybe a couple are ABB...

I digress. Updates as follows:

Podcast should be up this weekend with a short broadcast.
We're still decorating.
We're still working on Video for the youtube channel as well as live broadcasts. 
Llama is in London. 

Fell free to comment below if you feel we missed anything.


E3 is here and our brains are going Kasplasoblamie!

     We're closing in on E3. With only weeks counting down to the Mardi Gras of Geekdom, here's a quick rundown of what you can expect. And there is a lot to be excited about!

Nintendo: Returning to the LA Convention Center show floor our favorite game maker is bringing Super Mario Odyssey as a plus one. Also, first-ever ARMS invitational and Splatoon 2 World Inkling invitational brings a bit of competition outside of the standard demo set ups we are used to seeing. And if we're lucky...Pokemon!

Sony: More than likely we're going to see big things from Sony. Always a show stopper at E3, expect to see a lot of VR titles, and a few potential blockbusters to push the bar up a bit. Expect to see titles like Spider-Man, Days Gone, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, as well as others teased from last year. And the highly anticipated 45-minute block dedicated solely to Vita games.

Microsoft: Expect to hear about the much anticipated Project Scorpio which brings 4k native to the console for the first time, which will have fans of the console very excited. Rumored titles are Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, Battlefront 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Bethesda: Bethesda is dropping two major titles, not including ElderScrolls 6 (oh sweet Jesus I need to learn time travel). According to Todd Howard "We've got a good number of projects on the go," said Howard in an interview with Glixel. "We're bigger now and we do want to be putting out more stuff. We have two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger. We overlap the projects so we're working on them at the same time, but they're staggered." Suggestions fall to Wolfenstien and Evil within. Personally I would love to see a new IP (Ahem Starfield Project AHEM).

Electronic Arts, Activision and Others: As EA is concerned, Titles you'll see at the stand include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need For Speed and EA Sports games Madden NFL 18, Fifa 18 and NBA Live 18. These aren't the only titles that will be at the show. Expect a few others as well.

With Activision, a recent report from WWG is suggesting we'll see the game revealed at this year's show under the name Assassin's Creed Origins and it'll take players back to the beginning of the assassin's guild in ancient Egypt.

Konami is showing up this year, though there isn't much information. I would love to see a fresh IP, and to have the company end the MG franchise in lue of something new and exciting.

Ubisoft as also kept things fairly tight lipped but I love their press conferences so We'll be watching with Bated breath.

All in all it's shaping up to be a damn fine E3. Lots of new tech, some new titles, maybe a few surprises. You can be sure we'll be giving you our unwanted opinions!


Star Citizen 2.6.3 and the F7C-M Super Hornet

The Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet

     Thought I would share a fresh romp thru the stars with Star Citizen 2.6.3...And while the Free Lancer will always be my special little Courier ship, the Super Hornet has left me a bit breathless. But first, if you decide to join us, you can always get employment here: Employment guaranteed at Confidential Courier Securities.

     While running around Port Olisar, Debating on spaceman things (like if red is the right color of flight suit to match my eyes), I decided to embark on a journey with a limited time offer from Anvil. The ability to fly the F7C-M Super Hornet fighter craft.
Flying outside of Crusader

     Arguably one of the best fighters in the game, depending on who you ask, Its outfitted pretty nicely. With an added gunner seat sporting two S1 mounts, you can now bring a friend on your killing spree...or to hold your Horchata from Cry-Astro.

     As i was decimated by a single pirate, my first ride out, I can honestly say the flight Mechanics were a bit different from my trusty 'Lancer. She's a helluva lot more nimble, whipping out of control whilst I fight red-outs. after a couple of runs, I settled into her like a rider would his trusty steed. slicing through black matter with the grace of a moderately trained, green behind the ears, pilot...whos only saving grace is his X-55 Rhino.

     I think the only issue I really encounters was landing back at Port O. For some reason the front landing pad..which caused the ship to jostle off of the landing pad and float into space. Never to be seen again (at least until I respawn one).

     So, after our little romp, I decided to enjoy a little time inside my 'Lancer. It's kind of amazing how beautiful this game is. Well crafted, an ocular feast, if you will. All of the little lights and thrusters, The way the directional boosters move so well with each strafe and weave, spouting its cloudy fuel into the black.
Even the entrance to the docking pads is an event in detail and extravagance. 
Crusader from the view of a simple trade vessel.

As you can see, you're HUD is very much a part of the game. Not just an overlay for FPS view.

enjoying the unexpected spin that seems to happen in space when you leave your seat...

Yup. the Freelancer has a sun roof.

The Freelancer Cockpit
     It seriously just brilliant. I mean look at the stills. Crusader rotates, the sun reflects, oft times in a blinding fashion. And the controls, once again, return to normal. As I reflect on my oft short sessions, I've come to realize that this really is an ever growing, ever changing Simulator that is more an experience in skill, than it is a game. You forget where you are as you immerse into the dog fights, trying to get into Satellites to turn them on as fast as possible, or simply sitting down for some One on One in Star Marine. And we will continue to broadcast from the stars.