The Lost Art of the E-Comic

     I'm going to start by saying I used to be an AVID e-comic reader. I don't recall what initially got me into them, but from the infamous Penny-Arcade, and Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the less known "Press Start to Play", MegaTokyo  and PvP. Some of these stand the test of time (PvP being one of my Favorites"The El Diablo!!").
     This spawned my long time friend Carl to start his own web comic, kept me drawing for a long time and allowed me an escape when things we're humdrum in my life. 
     Fast forward 10 years. I have a wife, a beautiful daughter and am moderately successful. All of the sudden I stumble across a website called "Taptastic". Filled with original and sometimes brilliant comics, I couldn't help but sink my teeth in, becoming slightly addicted and enjoying every second of it. if you have a moment, do yourself a favor and take on "Dungeon Hordes". It's a short strip, updated daily. It's not serial so you can just pick it up as you go. you can also find them "HERE"

     We have been super busy here at home and haven't had a chance to get up a podcast, but I'm hoping to get one up soon. Moving to a new town can create a bit of a barrier for time, especially when our temporary housing is limited in space. Thank you for bearing with us.

Also, I miss Ultima Online. and Carl's "Bob the Pink"...hairstylist extraordinary. no one could dye a toons hair like that fool. He was out of control!



Mark Hamill on Star Citizen, Wing Commander and Star Wars

This is a fantastic interview. I really enjoyed it. It really shows you what a collected actor and individual he truly is. Then again, most of us are fans.


State Zero - post apocalyptic short by Andrée Wallin

If you haven't seen this short by Andrée Wallin, You need to do yourself a favor. Such a well developed short film, lasting roughly 16 minuets. It's fantastic. Watch it.


Stardew Valley insights

    While a lot of games seem to regurgitate what has been done over and over, with a fresh coat of paint, Seemingly to make a buck, occasionally an independent Dev comes along and does something that fills a gap. Some people might say “well this has been done before” and with Stardew, you’re only partially correct.

    This game fills this gap with adventure. Not just another farming game. With some deeper RPG elements and an Open-Ended game play style, A single cave that seems to just go deeper and deeper...A note on that real fast: I love this Idea. It has a progressive save feature so you can pick up where you left off. Offering more challenge the deeper you go.

    Crafting, both tools as well as decorative, a house you can upgrade as you go, Seasonal themes, songs, items, and a story that progresses depending on the choices you make. Independent games such as this offer us the kind of nuances that keep things feeling original, while devs play off ideas that they love. It’s not so cookie cutter anymore. 

    After speaking with The Dev, Eric, he qued me in to a few questions I had. He’s aiming for a 4th quarter release this year, but obviously that could trail into delays (as with any game). And while he’s not currently working on any iOS or Android ports, he’s not opposed to those in the future.  He is working on a mac port, and if it’s possible all you apple users will be playing along side with us. There won’t be any Steam early access or beta game play as he stated “ I don't think Stardew is a game well suited to it. I want everyone to have the full experience the first time they play Stardew Valley.” Which personally, I agree with.

    During our brief conversation, Eric didn’t really have anything specific he felt like divulging, leaving us with the face that he is “absolutely committed to finishing Stardew in the quickest way possible without sacrificing quality.” He truly believes in this goal and is “working hard everyday to get the game into your hands as soon as possible!”. I suggest you check it out if you’re a fan of any of the Harvest moon games. Or most open-ended RPG’s. Or if your just looking for something fun and somewhat casual to get into.


Android Handhelds...or Links in side of Links inside of Links!

     The Guy over at Obscure Handhelds has posted some videos involving reviews of GPD's newest line of devices. Just a quick word, I run a PSP Go because it was cheaper then one of these, but I still very much want one!

Check them out HERE!


Why Chris Roberts finally decided to chime in

     Have you ever invested money in a game? Something on a grand scope? you end up with a personal attachment. I'm so very disappointing in "The Escapist" that they brought such garbage journalism. Chris Roberts has kept his mouth shut, but here's his response.

When you put something you've earned into something you've dreamed of, you become a part of something. More then just a basic community, the members of the Star Citizen community have been directly involved in the games development and still are. Chris and his team take our ideas, from the 45$ donation to that one guy who dropped $25,000 because he had nothing else to do. He treats all of our ideas as equal and makes sure we know this is OUR dream...not just his. So I think it's fair to get defensive against people like Derek Smart, pretenders who want more attention then they care for the craft.


Terry Crews made a comic. And it looks friggin sweet!

     So, Apparently I'm a little behind on my news feed because Terry Crews (Former NFL player, Comedian, Body Builder and all around cool guy) Has made a futuristic Music...hip-hop...weird...obscure... graphic novel. AAAAAND, I want it. And I love how odd and original it is. Only a few images are up right now but it looks clean, has this odd Urban, cyberpunk feel too, which I can get behind. Needless to say these separate elements are getting me excited. You can check out the teaser page here.

Notorium is being published by AHR visions and will be released sometime in 2016.


karate kid Jesse | Audition Week 2 | Britain's Got Talent

If you haven't seen Jesse-Jane McParland kick ass yet...you're missing out. This 9 year old Irish girl is a complete monster when the sword comes out. My wife and I watched all her performances...I've never seen such a combination of Cuteness and ferocity in a tiny package!


Blackalicious - The Blowup

Youtuber “Animal Robot” took some footage of Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and combined it with Blackalicious’ “The Blowup” to create one of the most coolest fan-created music video ever.


A quick note on Star Citizen

ANOTHER Star citizen post? COMEONMAN!
     It’s no secret that I am a huge Star Citizen fan. I jumped on board with an aurora AC package and upgraded to the Legionnaire. And while that was all well and good, I knew Confidential Currier Services (my badass little company in the verse) would need more. Something more capable. A ship I can call home. Something with more…shwooshie-ness…

     Enter the MISC Freelancer. *Que Dramatic Music* The every-man's ship. Affordable, adaptable, and defensive. Plus...She has two massive dual cannons on each side. and they're nasty. This ship was the first thing I looked at and drooled. With a crew of two to four, this little beast can do just about everything you need it to (mainly once they introduce the modules for it). I decided to trade in the two packages I had. It was surprisingly easy to melt the two Aurora’s down for in game cash and use them to get the Freelancer package for about 35 bucks. Bare in mind, I had to purchase the $5 Arena Commander module, and I'll have to get Star Marine when it drops. BUT I got to keep both hangers.

     I just thought this bared mentioning. The project is coming along smoothly, for the most part. With only a few hiccups in the FPS module. The social Module was released not to long ago and while not very exciting, gives the gamer an idea of what life planet side will be. For a minimum 45$ pledge, I think it’s well worth the support. 


Play Star Citizen...FOO FREE!

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games was at the PAX East convention last weekend, where it handed out codes that give players access to parts of the game for free for a limited time. Even if you weren't there, you can still enter a code to get the same access.

You'll have to create a free Star Citizen client on the game's website, then go to this page, and enter the code: PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15.

This will let you walk around the Hangar Module and sit in an Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship that you can then take into flight in Arena Commander, a multiplayer and wave-based, combat oriented mode. Once activated the pass is valid until March 15, 2015.

Luckily, while the client for the full game looks like it will come in at around 100GB, the client for the demo is only a little over 20GB.

Star Citizen, already the most successful crowdfunding project of any kind in history, has now raised over $75 million.


Star Citizen Multicrew Demo...AHHHHH!

Brilliant work by CiG finally getting us a working presentation of Multi-Crew ships in a multiplayer instance. my opinion is that it looks fantastic. not perfect (which is fine), but animations looked fluid, the ships combat was spot on as with one man dog fighting, and it showcased salvaging and S&R. Would love to hear more from the community about their opinions.


Steve's Reading Recommendations

Halo is quite possibly one of my favorite games of all times. The campaign feels like it's designed to train you for multiplayer, and the story is spectacular. It helps that it was the first game I played that wasn't either Mario or Star Wars, but it still blew my mind to find out that a game could be like a science fiction novel without directly referencing an existing story. 

I got into science fiction through a summer reading assignment in elementary school. At my father's suggestion, I ended up reading Robert A. Heinlein's "Tunnel in the Sky", which probably wasn't appropriate for the assignment, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is that it aimed me towards the back of the bookstore and library, where they keep the good stuff.

Today, I'm going to suggest some authors and books, some of which you've heard of and read, some of which are hopefully new and intriguing to you, and all of which are in the library of my hometown, which hopefully means that they aren't too hard to find at your local libraries, or bookstores. Or, y'know, competitively priced on Amazon.

First off, the Starfist series,

by David Sherman and Dan Cragg
I'm terrible at describing things, so I'm just going to steal from TVTropes and save myself the actual work. It's essentially the Space Marine concept, as written by former Marines. Humanity has accelerated in terms of tech, and has FTL travel. The FTL works like the Pony Express, however, which means that things don't always get places instantly, or accurately, and so the Confederation of Human Worlds Marines (And Army, and Navy) were formed to prevent rebellions and galaxy-destroying wars. Y'know, the usual. It follows the 34th Fleet Infantry Strike Team (The titular StarF.I.S.T.), a group of Marines, for several very-well-written books. "Since both authors have served in the Army and Marines, the action is very realistic for sci-fi, with downtime shown as boring, tedious work that is hardly ever exciting", but usually generates strong character development in a short span.

Next, we have Hull Zero Three,
by Greg Bear

Tells the story of a man on a big colony ship, with a cryogenics system that makes Halo look low-tech and primitive. He wakes up to find monsters roaming the ship. If that sounds like the movie Pandorum to you, TVTropes promises you that things end "Far, far differently."

And because I would like to keep this fairly brief if at all possible, I'm going to wrap it up with an excellent comic, Kingdom Come. A DCU comic by Mark Waid, and painted (Yeah, you read that right) by Alex Ross.


I'd like to give it a full synopsis, but perhaps the best is the briefest. (Also, dig that beautiful cover)
I played Injustice after I read it. It was kinda reminiscent, but nowhere near as poignant.
I could probably write an essay about the themes and topics of this comic, but given that this is already a full blog post, I'll pass.

Good luck, and good reading.


Fallout Pop Figures Are Now Available for Pre-order! this is awesome...

Funko's line of Fallout figures can now be pre-Ordered! Seriously...this is amazing. 

     Six of the Seven characters you can get are in the image below and we couldn't be more excited. I'm not huge on collector figures but the Vinyl pop series is one that I've always found fits on any shelf. You can now pre-order any of the figures via Fallout developer Bethesda's store and Amazon. They're 3 and 3/4 inches tall and are modeled after Funko's Pop! style of toys.

     The seven figures are as follows: male and female Lone Wanderers, a Deathclaw, a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, a Super Mutant, a Feral Ghoul, and a Vault Boy.

     These little dears (I'm looking at you, Ghoul) hit the market on Amazon august 4th (Bethesda is saying they're planned for September) They run $10.99 each on Amazon and $12 on Bethesda's store.

     Remember that Fallout 4 launches on November 10 across the board. Keep an eye on our blog as more information pops up.


The Galactic Bus Driver or Star Citizens new job Class

With Star Citizen constantly growing over the last few years, it's no surprise that they intend to expand on the Job class system. I think it’s one of the best things about the game. That we can continue to play without being burdened with forced combat to make money and earn better ships. In fact I theorize the opposite is true. That skilled job runners will make much more then grizzled combat vets in terms of jobs.

The next job put on the preverbal dinner plate is Civilian Passenger Transport. From their website: “Star Citizen’s Civilian Passenger Transport is one of the more unique occupational roles that a player can assume. As with mining, discovery, repair, rescue, and scientific research the focus is not on combat. Instead, passenger transport is about competing with other players and characters in much more subtle and diverse ways for the right to provide a critical and necessary support service for the proper operation of the entire galactic ecosystem…”

I don’t know about you guys but that really sounds interesting to me. A more nuanced and intellectual job that pits us against each other in good business. Unless someone gets contracted to destroy competitive transports. Pirate alliances tend to be a thing (Mainly in my COG, a huge alliance of small companies and groups). Here’s the link if you’re interested in the nitty gritty. I’m sure Jonathan will have something to say about this in the facebook group. Please, feel free to join us there.


SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Finally Happening!!!

It was 1998 when I popped open my best friends Playstation to remove the disk in the tray... "Check this out," he said as he gingerly placed a white disk with a number 1 inside a black meteor on the edge of the disk.   Then the music started and the stars whooshed across the screen, and as the camera pulled back from the young woman's face, I jumped out of the chair dropping my controller on the floor.  "Oh My God!", I screamed, "her hair moved separately from the rest of her face."  And then... Well you all know the rest.  I was in awe, from the sweeping cutaways and epic music all the way down to the timer in the menu that actually counted not only minutes and hours, but also seconds of game play.  It was also the first time I remember seeing up to three different dialog boxes on screen for three different npc's AT THE SAME TIME!  It was my first Playstation RPG.  It was Final Fantasy VII. Now the gaming generation has grown up, and as we get older, we see newer and better things in our games. Better music, better graphics, and better stories.  But nothing draws us like the games we started on, like the games that introduced us to the new consoles one by one as they were released.  We the gamer have been asking for a true HD remake for going on 10 years, and year by year we see all the other games get new treatments, but our old favorites, our old standby's keep getting passed up for the newest and greatest.  Well peoples it has finally happened, I present to you a TRUE FFVII remake.



Review: Of Guards And Thieves

Our friend Steve Jobson chimed in with this fantastic review from our Facebook Page:

Of Guards and Thieves

By Steve Jobson

     So Of Guards and Thieves is currently $15 on Steam. Fortunately for the discount gamer, there's a free version which is still very fun to play, providing a solid game play experience. Major updates occur fairly regularly, and the community is that rare blend of serious about the game and helpful to new players. It's a top-down stealth/action game, with a dedicated multiplayer community. Which is good, because at the moment, multiplayer is the only kind of game available, although bots are planned for a future update.

"So what, Steve? What makes this game worthy?"

     Honestly, I really enjoyed Splinter Cell. Sneaking past guards (or eliminating them), and otherwise being a latter-day ninja is a blast. Although the top-down view in Of Guards and Thieves doesn't provide the same dynamic action, the puzzle-stealth element is still strongly present.
At the moment, all games are online, and there are a variety of game types. with more on the way. That said, OGAT also provides a surprisingly balanced opportunity to become one of the faceless goons. The main imbalance in Of Guards and Thieves comes not from classes from the paid version, or from one side outnumbering the other, but from different skill levels. The numbers problem still arises, but mostly, a 5v5 with two teams of equal skill will be a fair and fun match. Heres a quick rundown:

Of Guards And Thieves
The title game type, thieves try to steal one of several objects around the map, guards try to stop them, bullets are exchanged and dark areas are snuck through.

Team Deathmatch
Guards And Thieves, but with no stealing. Just a pvp killfest.

Capture The Flag
Capture The Flag, with OGAT mechanics. Pretty cut and dry.

Now, being an early-access game, several key systems are not in place. For instance, a system for finding your friends. That said, if you decide to try it, look for Stripykiller1215. I'd love to play a game with all of you.


Star Citizen - WIP Bengal

So, this little nugget popped up on the wire while I was doing a bit of nothing. Thanks to the boys from the Operation Pitchfork Facebook Page for bringing it to my attention.

It's very much a leaked bit of data and in no way constitutes the finished product. The guy who made this isn't the best with cryengine, and I think he's using the wrong version, so it suffices. What it does do, though, is allude to what we can expect from the larger warfaring ships in Star Citizen.

The image above might put things into perspective. It's the WIP from two years ago. This truly has me excited, to say the least. It's no secret what a fan I am of this game. Enough blabbering, watch the clip.


Xbox Advanced Warfare - Pre-Game Stategy Can Win Clan Wars

Never was there so epic an idea in the world of Call of Duty, than pitting clan vs. clan.  

Clan Wars are popular with gamers worldwide, because trying to get a team of 6 soldiers from your clan into a game lobby with 6 soldiers of a favorite rival clan is extremely difficult, if not impossible in the routine multi-player modes. 

Healthy clan competition is therefore deliberately frustrated, but this is truly meant to serve a very real purpose. It builds anticipation and excitement for the Clan Wars, which makes and keeps them something special. Fighting in Clan Wars is the only way you get to flex your team's muscles and show that rival clan what you got!

Most gamers will tell you that winning matches and capturing nodes is the most important thing in a Clan War. Actually, it isn't. While battlefield tactics are important, the strategy of a Commander leading his/her troops into battle is way more crucial. 

 It all starts with the Clan Roster.
If you are the leader, take a look at your Clan Roster on the Advanced Warfare App. You may feel confident that your clan is heavy with 40 or 50 soldiers. You may think that makes an impressive line-up of men heading into the war. But it isn't. What a good Commander understands is that it does not take scores of players to dominate and win a Clan War. It comes down to management skills. Heading into a Clan War, you will do better with less, rather than more, soldiers. What most leaders don't know is that leaner and meaner is the way to go. 

Did you know that in Clan Wars, all you need to enter and compete with is a minimum of 3 players? During the last Clan War some of the best teams in the Diamond Division had under 12 players. Some went in with just a core of six and completely crushed other teams with many more members. Why is that you ask?

Well, most teams go into the wars without giving a thought to their clan roster. They figure they will leave all their team members listed as eligible to play. This is a major strategic mistake. The number of players you go in with, matches you up against other clans in the war with a similar number of soldiers. On the surface, this sure sounds fair. Except what if, out of your 50 eligible to play clan members, only 15 soldiers actually play and score points? It simply works against you, by opening the door for the competing clan, that may have 50 members actively playing, to have all of their scores count against your clan.

Do the math. If only 15 out of 50 of your soldiers win 10 games in Hardcore Team Deathmatch, your team will have gained 150 points. If the opposing matched team of 50 soldiers are all actively playing and wins 10 games, they will tally up 500 points. So going into the Clan Wars with players that will not be making an appearance with their "awesome Elite weapon" is actually going to hurt you, and hurt you badly. Is this starting to make sense to you now?

A Commander has up to 24 Hours before a Clan War starts to adjust their roster. Do a roll call on your Clan Page and get an accurate count of the soldiers that will actually commit to play.  Then make sure that you go into the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare App and adjust your roster.  Make inactive all the players that will not be showing up to fight.

You may find that with this leaner but meaner strategy, your clan of 50 members is now going onto the battlefield represented by a mere team of 12. That is ok, in fact it is more okay! Because you will now be matched up against other clans of similar active roster size. If your team of 12 does happen to be pitted against a much larger clan, only the first 12 of their scores will count against your 12, making it a fair fight. You prevent them from gaining an advantage over you.

As a Commander, remember to use this pre-battle strategy before the Clan Wars start. It will be the most valuable tool in your clan's armory and could be the determining factor in whether your clan jumps to that next division, or not. 

See you on the Battlefield!


Furious Beta Podcast Episode 3 (20150419) Shane, Charlie and Dave

In this episode we discuss: Well, whatever the hell we're babbling about because all three of us have ADD and none of us had slept *pause for deep breath* Good lord.


Furious Beta Podcast Episode 2 (20150315) Shane and Charlie

In this episode, my brother Charlie and I discuss why I'm amazing, Why Charlie is "The One", What we're watching/Playing, BF Hardline, Star Citizen, Warehouse 13, Summer Glau, AND MORE!

Furious Beta Podcast Episode 1 (20150222) Shane, Charlie and Dave

Our inaugural Podcast! KASPLASOBLAMIE! Shane, Charlie and Dave discuss the finer dynamics of What They're watching and playing, Tablets, Pizaak, tactical Acquisitions, The perks of PC games over Consoles (more how disappointed we are, really), and so much more!

If I'm wrong about my data regarding Indie titles, I do apologize!



Just Cause 3 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

SO....This is a thing now. Thought I would share the awesomeness with you great people!


Mike's BloodBorne Review

So, Let’s talk about blood and dying and demon dogs and bad stuff. Yup, We’re talking Bloodborne, the new hit game released by From Software. which has been out since March 24th.
          It's a cult classic that all dark souls and demon souls fans will enjoy. if you have had that itch to get slaughter or test your strength, to see how far you can go before you throw your controller this game is for you. The game itself is phenomenal, the art, the areas, the characters. Everything is simply stunning from beginning to end, the game tends to be very unforgiving like its predecessors.

          You hesitate on a shot or a roll and get clipped by a monster don't be surprised if he follows it up with a combo that kills you instantly, being stingy with those blood vials well then sir don't expect to last long when your thinking you can survive a hit and die.

The games overall mechanics are very fluid and crisp, with the occasional hiccups with targeting. The beauty of the game is the challenge it gives to the player, it stays up to pace with you and only gets harder if you allow it to, in the game you gain insight (equivalent to humanity from Dark Souls 1 & 2). The higher your insight the harder the game becomes. If you want that extra challenge you let your insight hit 15 and now your monsters are buffed up, gain an additional attack, and show up in different areas.
The game truly does keep you on your toes. after logging in a good 90+ hours into the game. I can say the game is worth taking a look at if you want a challenge, if you want that hack and slash feel of a game with a mix of rpg and character customization. but its not for the faint of heart or willpower, if you can't stand dying repeatedly I recommend you stay away from the game all together or borrow it from a friend. you will tend to lose a control or two, maybe even a TV.
So with all the reviews out there giving it a 9.5 or higher, I give this game a 9/10, for the simple fact its a great game the co-op tends to be a bit sketchy, if not done correctly you can be sitting there waiting for your friend to be found by the matchmaking system for a good 20-30 mins. The PvP itself is great, but they could also do a better job with the matchmaking on it.
Another friendly tip before I let you all go, if you don't like PvP play in offline mode, upgrade your weapons, check every corner and make sure to always use a blood vial even if your at 75% health. All it takes is that 1 combo or 1 hit to lock you down so you can't move. In the video above, we explore the 2nd boss fight, having not leveled up or upgraded weapons. As long as your taking your time and have your timing down the game will won’t be over powered, but still remains a fun challenge.

Megacon 2015

   Michael here. With spring here, and cons beginning to pop up, I wanted to give you all the rundown on my little adventure at Megacon 2015 that just passed us here in Orlando on the 10th. One of the biggest Comic Conventions held in Florida every year, family owned and operated Megacon has become a staple in Florida geek culture. So with another year come and gone, it was a blast the atmosphere was fantastic, full of cosplayers, new and old.

     Lots of guests from all shows and comic artists. Media Guests were as follows,  Michael Rooker, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Mark Boone Junior, Norman Reedus, Karen Gillan, David Della Rocco, Clifton Collins, Sean Patrick Flanery, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Cary Elwes, David Ramsey, Lou Ferrigno, Ivy Doomkitty, jeremy Shada, Olivia Olson, Troy Baker, Grey DeLisle, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, Ryan Stratis, and Stan Lee.

     This event was huge thousands of people came from all over to see all these amazing people under one roof. lots of vendors, artists looking to make a name for themselves all talking with fans and people alike.
     I myself went a little crazy, spending massive amounts of money on Artist prints from some rather great artists, with all the thrill and adventure in the air there was also a proposal in the middle of the convention entrance in front of tons of fellow geeks and nerds sharing fandoms.. cheers and screams rang out as the fair lady accepted the engagement ring.

     Each year brings more memories and more friends, I for one plan on going every year as I have been doing the past 3 years.. each year brings something greater and more special, this year was being able to meet Michael Rooker and Norman reedus, both very humble and sweet people. Alan Tudyk and his firefly panel was interesting even brought along Nathon Fillion in a funny sort of way.

     I recommend all fellow nerds and geeks to take the time out of the year save a few bucks and go to a local convention in your area.. you will enjoy it and it will be a memory well cherished, in the link below is a ton of photos of cosplayers, convention attendees, and some art from some really great artists.


PSP Go as an emulator? Yes, Please!

     The PSP Go. What an amazing little Machine. 333Mhz single clock processor, 16GB Flash Memory, and a cool little sliding screen. It doesn't really look like much to be honest. This little package showed up on my doorstep on Friday, thanks to a gentleman who was more then enthusiastic to get rid of it.

     It's older, not super fast and not flashy at all. But I tell you what: It plays emulated games like a champ. This thing will handle essentially anything you can throw at it up to PSX titles. With a nice little cache of confirmed emulators, god knows how many home brewed games are available and with a litany of documentation to help you hack along the way, this little gem will be running like a well tuned riding lawn mower before you know it.

     The process was pretty painless. Here's a link if your interested. Download Pro-C 661, Install some emulators, find your roms and BOOM...It's all file transfers. So it's all super easy. Which is great, because my Wife and I will be in the hospital awaiting our little girl soon...and I'll need my fix.

     In conclusion: Honestly? This is the best handheld emulator I've ever used. I could have hacked my 3DS with android, and in the future I might. But for now, as small and light as this thing is, it has the power to push all my favorite classic games. Before wasting money on a JXD, iPega, GPD or the Dingoo A380e (which sucks, by the way), I would suggest spending the $65 on ebay and picking up this little gem. For a small amount of time, you could be rocking LoZ or Final Fantasy III on the subway ride to work.


Star Citizen's Year Three Sub Perks

     As we all know Star Citizen is the child of Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander and Ultima fame). Continually smashing every single crowd funding record in the world, and continuing to bring in funds ($77 mil to date and over 800 thousand star Citizens at the time of this writing) and growing momentum.

     Becoming a subscriber offers a few decent perks as well as keeps the game funded. Rounding into year three, they are offering even more. Check it out HERE if you're interested in further backing the game. I personally am a backer, with a small company.

     The big question is: is it worth it? well, honestly I think that depends on how much you want this game to succeed. A lot of the funds from subs goes towards videos, the monthly e-zine as well as swag. I highly suggest it as in my opinion its going to be the best Space Sim to date.

     Feel free to comment below and let us know how you feel about Star Citizen and the growth its showed.

UPDATE: Apparently the new FPS module will be called "Star Marine". Which I am totally stoked for, as most space sim players don't tend to be as versed in FPS combat...and that's pretty much my go to for competitive game play. While I might be wrong on this, I'm going to bet on this and hope for the best.


Starbound Combat Update - Lunar Base Run

Can't help but love the folks down at Chucklefish, Hell they get me through work. I really like this combat update. if you haven't had the chance to get into Starbound, it's similar to Terraria, but with Sci-Fi flair. You can find it on Steam as well as buy from their website HERE.

A sci-fi short film: MIS-DROP - by Ferand Peek

This is surprisingly well made. I really dug the perspective and writing. I found this gem thanks to the Operation Pitchfork folks from RSI. I still hold out that the creator makes more.