Mike's BloodBorne Review

So, Let’s talk about blood and dying and demon dogs and bad stuff. Yup, We’re talking Bloodborne, the new hit game released by From Software. which has been out since March 24th.
          It's a cult classic that all dark souls and demon souls fans will enjoy. if you have had that itch to get slaughter or test your strength, to see how far you can go before you throw your controller this game is for you. The game itself is phenomenal, the art, the areas, the characters. Everything is simply stunning from beginning to end, the game tends to be very unforgiving like its predecessors.

          You hesitate on a shot or a roll and get clipped by a monster don't be surprised if he follows it up with a combo that kills you instantly, being stingy with those blood vials well then sir don't expect to last long when your thinking you can survive a hit and die.

The games overall mechanics are very fluid and crisp, with the occasional hiccups with targeting. The beauty of the game is the challenge it gives to the player, it stays up to pace with you and only gets harder if you allow it to, in the game you gain insight (equivalent to humanity from Dark Souls 1 & 2). The higher your insight the harder the game becomes. If you want that extra challenge you let your insight hit 15 and now your monsters are buffed up, gain an additional attack, and show up in different areas.
The game truly does keep you on your toes. after logging in a good 90+ hours into the game. I can say the game is worth taking a look at if you want a challenge, if you want that hack and slash feel of a game with a mix of rpg and character customization. but its not for the faint of heart or willpower, if you can't stand dying repeatedly I recommend you stay away from the game all together or borrow it from a friend. you will tend to lose a control or two, maybe even a TV.
So with all the reviews out there giving it a 9.5 or higher, I give this game a 9/10, for the simple fact its a great game the co-op tends to be a bit sketchy, if not done correctly you can be sitting there waiting for your friend to be found by the matchmaking system for a good 20-30 mins. The PvP itself is great, but they could also do a better job with the matchmaking on it.
Another friendly tip before I let you all go, if you don't like PvP play in offline mode, upgrade your weapons, check every corner and make sure to always use a blood vial even if your at 75% health. All it takes is that 1 combo or 1 hit to lock you down so you can't move. In the video above, we explore the 2nd boss fight, having not leveled up or upgraded weapons. As long as your taking your time and have your timing down the game will won’t be over powered, but still remains a fun challenge.

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