PSP Go as an emulator? Yes, Please!

     The PSP Go. What an amazing little Machine. 333Mhz single clock processor, 16GB Flash Memory, and a cool little sliding screen. It doesn't really look like much to be honest. This little package showed up on my doorstep on Friday, thanks to a gentleman who was more then enthusiastic to get rid of it.

     It's older, not super fast and not flashy at all. But I tell you what: It plays emulated games like a champ. This thing will handle essentially anything you can throw at it up to PSX titles. With a nice little cache of confirmed emulators, god knows how many home brewed games are available and with a litany of documentation to help you hack along the way, this little gem will be running like a well tuned riding lawn mower before you know it.

     The process was pretty painless. Here's a link if your interested. Download Pro-C 661, Install some emulators, find your roms and BOOM...It's all file transfers. So it's all super easy. Which is great, because my Wife and I will be in the hospital awaiting our little girl soon...and I'll need my fix.

     In conclusion: Honestly? This is the best handheld emulator I've ever used. I could have hacked my 3DS with android, and in the future I might. But for now, as small and light as this thing is, it has the power to push all my favorite classic games. Before wasting money on a JXD, iPega, GPD or the Dingoo A380e (which sucks, by the way), I would suggest spending the $65 on ebay and picking up this little gem. For a small amount of time, you could be rocking LoZ or Final Fantasy III on the subway ride to work.

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