Xbox Advanced Warfare - Pre-Game Stategy Can Win Clan Wars

Never was there so epic an idea in the world of Call of Duty, than pitting clan vs. clan.  

Clan Wars are popular with gamers worldwide, because trying to get a team of 6 soldiers from your clan into a game lobby with 6 soldiers of a favorite rival clan is extremely difficult, if not impossible in the routine multi-player modes. 

Healthy clan competition is therefore deliberately frustrated, but this is truly meant to serve a very real purpose. It builds anticipation and excitement for the Clan Wars, which makes and keeps them something special. Fighting in Clan Wars is the only way you get to flex your team's muscles and show that rival clan what you got!

Most gamers will tell you that winning matches and capturing nodes is the most important thing in a Clan War. Actually, it isn't. While battlefield tactics are important, the strategy of a Commander leading his/her troops into battle is way more crucial. 

 It all starts with the Clan Roster.
If you are the leader, take a look at your Clan Roster on the Advanced Warfare App. You may feel confident that your clan is heavy with 40 or 50 soldiers. You may think that makes an impressive line-up of men heading into the war. But it isn't. What a good Commander understands is that it does not take scores of players to dominate and win a Clan War. It comes down to management skills. Heading into a Clan War, you will do better with less, rather than more, soldiers. What most leaders don't know is that leaner and meaner is the way to go. 

Did you know that in Clan Wars, all you need to enter and compete with is a minimum of 3 players? During the last Clan War some of the best teams in the Diamond Division had under 12 players. Some went in with just a core of six and completely crushed other teams with many more members. Why is that you ask?

Well, most teams go into the wars without giving a thought to their clan roster. They figure they will leave all their team members listed as eligible to play. This is a major strategic mistake. The number of players you go in with, matches you up against other clans in the war with a similar number of soldiers. On the surface, this sure sounds fair. Except what if, out of your 50 eligible to play clan members, only 15 soldiers actually play and score points? It simply works against you, by opening the door for the competing clan, that may have 50 members actively playing, to have all of their scores count against your clan.

Do the math. If only 15 out of 50 of your soldiers win 10 games in Hardcore Team Deathmatch, your team will have gained 150 points. If the opposing matched team of 50 soldiers are all actively playing and wins 10 games, they will tally up 500 points. So going into the Clan Wars with players that will not be making an appearance with their "awesome Elite weapon" is actually going to hurt you, and hurt you badly. Is this starting to make sense to you now?

A Commander has up to 24 Hours before a Clan War starts to adjust their roster. Do a roll call on your Clan Page and get an accurate count of the soldiers that will actually commit to play.  Then make sure that you go into the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare App and adjust your roster.  Make inactive all the players that will not be showing up to fight.

You may find that with this leaner but meaner strategy, your clan of 50 members is now going onto the battlefield represented by a mere team of 12. That is ok, in fact it is more okay! Because you will now be matched up against other clans of similar active roster size. If your team of 12 does happen to be pitted against a much larger clan, only the first 12 of their scores will count against your 12, making it a fair fight. You prevent them from gaining an advantage over you.

As a Commander, remember to use this pre-battle strategy before the Clan Wars start. It will be the most valuable tool in your clan's armory and could be the determining factor in whether your clan jumps to that next division, or not. 

See you on the Battlefield!

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