Why Chris Roberts finally decided to chime in

     Have you ever invested money in a game? Something on a grand scope? you end up with a personal attachment. I'm so very disappointing in "The Escapist" that they brought such garbage journalism. Chris Roberts has kept his mouth shut, but here's his response.

When you put something you've earned into something you've dreamed of, you become a part of something. More then just a basic community, the members of the Star Citizen community have been directly involved in the games development and still are. Chris and his team take our ideas, from the 45$ donation to that one guy who dropped $25,000 because he had nothing else to do. He treats all of our ideas as equal and makes sure we know this is OUR dream...not just his. So I think it's fair to get defensive against people like Derek Smart, pretenders who want more attention then they care for the craft.

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