Review: Of Guards And Thieves

Our friend Steve Jobson chimed in with this fantastic review from our Facebook Page:

Of Guards and Thieves

By Steve Jobson

     So Of Guards and Thieves is currently $15 on Steam. Fortunately for the discount gamer, there's a free version which is still very fun to play, providing a solid game play experience. Major updates occur fairly regularly, and the community is that rare blend of serious about the game and helpful to new players. It's a top-down stealth/action game, with a dedicated multiplayer community. Which is good, because at the moment, multiplayer is the only kind of game available, although bots are planned for a future update.

"So what, Steve? What makes this game worthy?"

     Honestly, I really enjoyed Splinter Cell. Sneaking past guards (or eliminating them), and otherwise being a latter-day ninja is a blast. Although the top-down view in Of Guards and Thieves doesn't provide the same dynamic action, the puzzle-stealth element is still strongly present.
At the moment, all games are online, and there are a variety of game types. with more on the way. That said, OGAT also provides a surprisingly balanced opportunity to become one of the faceless goons. The main imbalance in Of Guards and Thieves comes not from classes from the paid version, or from one side outnumbering the other, but from different skill levels. The numbers problem still arises, but mostly, a 5v5 with two teams of equal skill will be a fair and fun match. Heres a quick rundown:

Of Guards And Thieves
The title game type, thieves try to steal one of several objects around the map, guards try to stop them, bullets are exchanged and dark areas are snuck through.

Team Deathmatch
Guards And Thieves, but with no stealing. Just a pvp killfest.

Capture The Flag
Capture The Flag, with OGAT mechanics. Pretty cut and dry.

Now, being an early-access game, several key systems are not in place. For instance, a system for finding your friends. That said, if you decide to try it, look for Stripykiller1215. I'd love to play a game with all of you.