SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Finally Happening!!!

It was 1998 when I popped open my best friends Playstation to remove the disk in the tray... "Check this out," he said as he gingerly placed a white disk with a number 1 inside a black meteor on the edge of the disk.   Then the music started and the stars whooshed across the screen, and as the camera pulled back from the young woman's face, I jumped out of the chair dropping my controller on the floor.  "Oh My God!", I screamed, "her hair moved separately from the rest of her face."  And then... Well you all know the rest.  I was in awe, from the sweeping cutaways and epic music all the way down to the timer in the menu that actually counted not only minutes and hours, but also seconds of game play.  It was also the first time I remember seeing up to three different dialog boxes on screen for three different npc's AT THE SAME TIME!  It was my first Playstation RPG.  It was Final Fantasy VII. Now the gaming generation has grown up, and as we get older, we see newer and better things in our games. Better music, better graphics, and better stories.  But nothing draws us like the games we started on, like the games that introduced us to the new consoles one by one as they were released.  We the gamer have been asking for a true HD remake for going on 10 years, and year by year we see all the other games get new treatments, but our old favorites, our old standby's keep getting passed up for the newest and greatest.  Well peoples it has finally happened, I present to you a TRUE FFVII remake.