A quick note on Star Citizen

ANOTHER Star citizen post? COMEONMAN!
     It’s no secret that I am a huge Star Citizen fan. I jumped on board with an aurora AC package and upgraded to the Legionnaire. And while that was all well and good, I knew Confidential Currier Services (my badass little company in the verse) would need more. Something more capable. A ship I can call home. Something with more…shwooshie-ness…

     Enter the MISC Freelancer. *Que Dramatic Music* The every-man's ship. Affordable, adaptable, and defensive. Plus...She has two massive dual cannons on each side. and they're nasty. This ship was the first thing I looked at and drooled. With a crew of two to four, this little beast can do just about everything you need it to (mainly once they introduce the modules for it). I decided to trade in the two packages I had. It was surprisingly easy to melt the two Aurora’s down for in game cash and use them to get the Freelancer package for about 35 bucks. Bare in mind, I had to purchase the $5 Arena Commander module, and I'll have to get Star Marine when it drops. BUT I got to keep both hangers.

     I just thought this bared mentioning. The project is coming along smoothly, for the most part. With only a few hiccups in the FPS module. The social Module was released not to long ago and while not very exciting, gives the gamer an idea of what life planet side will be. For a minimum 45$ pledge, I think it’s well worth the support.