Stardew Valley insights

    While a lot of games seem to regurgitate what has been done over and over, with a fresh coat of paint, Seemingly to make a buck, occasionally an independent Dev comes along and does something that fills a gap. Some people might say “well this has been done before” and with Stardew, you’re only partially correct.

    This game fills this gap with adventure. Not just another farming game. With some deeper RPG elements and an Open-Ended game play style, A single cave that seems to just go deeper and deeper...A note on that real fast: I love this Idea. It has a progressive save feature so you can pick up where you left off. Offering more challenge the deeper you go.

    Crafting, both tools as well as decorative, a house you can upgrade as you go, Seasonal themes, songs, items, and a story that progresses depending on the choices you make. Independent games such as this offer us the kind of nuances that keep things feeling original, while devs play off ideas that they love. It’s not so cookie cutter anymore. 

    After speaking with The Dev, Eric, he qued me in to a few questions I had. He’s aiming for a 4th quarter release this year, but obviously that could trail into delays (as with any game). And while he’s not currently working on any iOS or Android ports, he’s not opposed to those in the future.  He is working on a mac port, and if it’s possible all you apple users will be playing along side with us. There won’t be any Steam early access or beta game play as he stated “ I don't think Stardew is a game well suited to it. I want everyone to have the full experience the first time they play Stardew Valley.” Which personally, I agree with.

    During our brief conversation, Eric didn’t really have anything specific he felt like divulging, leaving us with the face that he is “absolutely committed to finishing Stardew in the quickest way possible without sacrificing quality.” He truly believes in this goal and is “working hard everyday to get the game into your hands as soon as possible!”. I suggest you check it out if you’re a fan of any of the Harvest moon games. Or most open-ended RPG’s. Or if your just looking for something fun and somewhat casual to get into.