The Lost Art of the E-Comic

     I'm going to start by saying I used to be an AVID e-comic reader. I don't recall what initially got me into them, but from the infamous Penny-Arcade, and Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the less known "Press Start to Play", MegaTokyo  and PvP. Some of these stand the test of time (PvP being one of my Favorites"The El Diablo!!").
     This spawned my long time friend Carl to start his own web comic, kept me drawing for a long time and allowed me an escape when things we're humdrum in my life. 
     Fast forward 10 years. I have a wife, a beautiful daughter and am moderately successful. All of the sudden I stumble across a website called "Taptastic". Filled with original and sometimes brilliant comics, I couldn't help but sink my teeth in, becoming slightly addicted and enjoying every second of it. if you have a moment, do yourself a favor and take on "Dungeon Hordes". It's a short strip, updated daily. It's not serial so you can just pick it up as you go. you can also find them "HERE"

     We have been super busy here at home and haven't had a chance to get up a podcast, but I'm hoping to get one up soon. Moving to a new town can create a bit of a barrier for time, especially when our temporary housing is limited in space. Thank you for bearing with us.

Also, I miss Ultima Online. and Carl's "Bob the Pink"...hairstylist extraordinary. no one could dye a toons hair like that fool. He was out of control!