Winamp might be getting a revamp

     This has me excited. I won't lie. Winamp might be getting an over haul.
Vivendi SA is rumored to be stream lining a re-release and I think a revamp is a long time coming.

     The history on Vivendi is VERY extensive. They owned blizzard and brought you the original WOW, Diablo and Starcraft. They owned Sierra Entertainment and brought you F.E.A.R. (they also owned Massive Entertainment). They're also heavy investors in Ubisoft and Gameloft. It should also be mention they own Dailymotion. These guys are one of the few companies that survived the transition from solid to digital media (albeit, with some large scars).

     Winamp has had a rocky life span. First started by Nulsoft and sold to AOL, who did basically nothing with it. Radiology bought it and has been sitting on it since 2014. So with this news I am SUPER excited. I've been using Winamp since its invention back in 1997. Crazy how some things refuse to die.

If you're new to Winamp or just want to re-download it, you can find it here.

Have an amazing Holiday season!


GPD Win: Doom apparently plays on it?

So The GPD Win...plays the DOOM!

     This little handheld...I want it. From the Wire: Pretty much right on schedule, GPD have begun shipping their Windows 10 handhelds out. In true crowd funding style, many backers are still waiting for theirs to ship whilst others have simply bought one from a store and received it already. I feel your pain (I pre-ordered a Pandora back in 2008).

     Videos began cropping up on YouTube just over a week ago, which I'm sure no one has seen, because this is pretty obscure.


     It started in December 2015 as a bit of back and forth between GPD staff and the community of the Dingoonity boards – talk of the possibility in them building a Windows 10 handheld. Some (very) rough ideas were posted by the GPD team and discussion begun.

     Given GPD’s good track record and obviously decent R&D budget I don’t know why crowd funding is required to get this thing off the ground. I suppose this is a machine with more of a niche market than an Android Handheld, and more expensive hardware is required to power it – so the risk for GPD is greater.

     The GPD Win, as it’s called, is powered by an Intel Atom X5-Z8500 and 4GB of RAM. It’ll house a 5.5″ 720 display, 64GB of eMMC storage, an SD slot and will of course have WiFi built in. I find this thing very intriguing. I don’t really know what I’d use it for though. It’s too small to be productive with, and Android emulation is so mature now that in some cases it will beat a Windows equivalent – at least on the low end hardware found in the GPD Win. Having said that, I don’t think I can live without one.


Facebookings?! Furious Beta Podcast 20160923

Furious Beta Podcast for September 23rd, 2016

News Items, some video game information and a whole lot of AWESOME!


First Impressions of For Honor.

     Hello Everyone, Today I figured we would touch base on the For Honor Alpha and touch on some of the details regarding this IP.
     I was lucky enough to try out For Honor Closed Alpha this past weekend, and honestly, this game really looks amazing. Graphically it really hit the mark, the detail to characters and environment is just lovely to look at. The Tattoos, embroidery, different types of armor, emblems, and color schemes make the armors look amazing. You can choose your character to be male or female, what kind of material the armor is made of, steel, copper, bronze. As the game progresses and you level up your characters you unlock more customization and different skins you can purchase from in game currency.
     The controls are really well designed but could use some tweaks on recognition, sometimes you can feel like you shifted your stance but it never registered that you shifted your stance. Other times it feels very fluid and no issues, for once Ubisoft had decent servers during a Alpha. No real connection issues except for one game here or there but nothing that made it game breaking. The mechanics are a bit clunky, some of the heroes you were able to play with in the closed alpha seemed a little off.
      One of the interesting things they did with it is that you can play all 3 factions with your friends, its not set up as Vikings only or Knights only or Samurai only, you can play all 3 factions with your friends finding the right set up that works for your team. For me i found that i instantly fell in love with The Orochi was my all-time favorite Hero spent majority of the time playing as him.
     His move-set is very fluid you can gap close on your targets easily, and with his speed you can chase them down if they turn and try to run away from you. The passive abilities that you can unlock for him, make him a force to be reckoned with, from reducing damage done and increase damage taken on enemies in a radius around him, adding a bleed damage to his weapons, life and stamina regeneration on kill, increasing your damage if you successfully dodge an attack. By far one of the strongest and weakest heroes on the field. Strength in damage production, but fragile and can easily be destroyed in 3-4 hits.
    There weren't many game modes, just Duel, Brawl, and Dominion,Which was 1v1, 2v2, and a capture the flag sort of match. In dominion, the team who reaches 1000 points first makes the opposite teams morale break, which stops them from being able to spawn. each zone A, B, and C. All are worth 100 points each, while small minions that constantly spawn and head towards the middle of the field are worth 1 point each.
    The game is great and fun as a pick up hack and slash. But replay value is minimal if you don't have friends, and because it only comes with 3 modes as you can see from the video posted with this article it is a little worrisome. That it can turn into a game that can become very boring and repetitive very quickly. Hopefully on release they announce more modes for the game but as of right now with the alpha closed, only 3 modes seem to be active.
   The great news is that the alpha had you able to play 2 heroes from each faction, 2 Knights in the Conqueror and Warden, 2 Vikings in the Berserk and Raider, and the Samurai had The Orochi and Kensei. Rumor is that there will be an additional 6 Heroes available later on either on release or in DLC.
    No other information except from a interview earlier this week. Regardless, standing from what I saw during the Alpha, it will either be a hit or a miss with this game. It has its unique fun with the 3 way fighting of Vikings vs Samurai vs Knights, but don't think that will be able to make it worth a guarantee buy.


Kenshi's Face Lift

  For those of you that Have played Kenshi, still play, or are even thinking about playing I highly suggest Jumping back in to it.  It no longer uses a desert only map, there are now several areas containing different Bi-oms such as:  Forrest, Swamp, desert, mountain, and plains.  You can no longer just craft your way out of the ground, you have to acquire books from the towns shops to move ahead, your people can go hungry, you can make deals with the bandits, you can move up in faction with Bandits and other likable or unlikable's.
 You can take major limb damage and even have it lopped off, you can build special kinds of mechanics to help you on your daily chores or even to replace a limb.  You have to actually mine ores from specific locations and your water source has to be strong for your farms.  There are Animals such as river raptors that roam in herds and will eat your people or trash your farms.  There are towns and cities spread out all over the map that you discover as you pass by, there are land marks and secret areas, there are so many new things added to this game including 3 new species of beings to play as.  Fore warned that the new species are not liked by humans and it took one of my "Alien" type species to finally escape from his prison, Why was he arrested?  He was not human and walked into the city to buy supplies....yeah....the good guys are racist.

  If you get a chance check this game out on Steam, in my opinion its pretty awesome if you have the patience for a game of this genre.  Also check out our new Podcast, we've been gone for awhile and it was over due, we will be attempting to do a new one every week.   Stay the same and keep up the game!

Charlie AKA ShadowWeezle

Maranda got the itch. For Jewel Quest.

Podcast for Semptember 12th, 2016

     Maranda Satisfies her Jewel Quest itch, Crystal dreamily looks at Facebook, And we discuss everything else geek related. All for your listening Pleasure.


Feeling Guilty

It's been a pain in the butt trying to stay on this with Work and a baby. But I think we've come to a time frame that works for everyone. We're going to be touching base on BF1, Escape from Tarkov, The New Underworld movie, and god knows what else. Look for this and more coming this weekend as we start Season 2 of the Furious Beta Podcast! (also, thanks for not sending hate mail!)


Still here, Still strong

I wanted to let everyone know that we're still around. The Podcast is on hiatus due to some unforeseeable hardware issues (I think my PSU is to under-powered), sick babies, peoples lives, etc. Trying to grow a news group is something of a new challenge to me and I have been more then happy growing it. So bear with me as I dole out new tasks to our writers.

Also if you want to contribute, please do. We love guest contributions.

Thanks for the time and Support,

Editor-In Chief


REVIEW: Stardew Valley Single Player

So, where do I begin? I have to admit, that I'm a bit biased on this review. I've been a big fan of Chucklefish since the team broke away from Re-Logic and started Starbound (Best opening theme, ever, by the way.). So when the news dropped that they were publishing a game like this...I was all a giddy.

The best way to describe Stardew Valley is a combination of 70% Old school Harvest moon, 15% Animal Crossing and 15% Local garden Co-Op down town. While the later has yet to be implemented, we've been assured multi-player is still being developed.

Graphically you have your somewhat A-Typical 16bit + pixel art graphics. Nothing over the top or fancy and a control set up that alludes to "Casual". That is until you start to play and the objectives begin to give you that itch, just waiting for the next fix (I'm actually playing on my laptop at work as I write this).

With an easy enough to follow story line, and a semi-comical, lighthearted approach, It's exactly what the industry needs. Lighthearted, easy to follow and still very addictive. It's a typical WASD/Mouse click control scheme with hot keys worked in for ease of use. an interesting "woo your love" mechanic that allows you to essentially buy the love of your choice with gifts. And a fantastic farming system. With an energy system, you're limited in how much you can do in one day, and a running clock adds to the depth of farming and makes you rest. with several levels of upgrades you can apply to crafted items, as well as constructing farm buildings and silos, various other add ons, This game is very much complete.

I think, Game-play wise, what really adds to the enjoyment is the amount of crap you can actually do. Farming, Livestock, fishing, foraging, mining, lumberjack-ing, mowing the lawn, crafting and most interesting: DUNGEON CRAWLING! that's right, there is a Massive mine that is just oozing with monsters for you to beat the crap out of! Oh, and the crafting system is deep. BUT MONSTERS! You can tell this makes me happy.

Audio wise it's nothing award winning, but is still extremely well done and the sound track is great. Gives a very retro feel. It's well composed and the sound effects completely fit in.

All in all I am VERY satisfied with this game. being only $14.99USD right now on steam, it's a fantastic buy, with tons of foreseeable replay-ability. 4.5 out of 5, hands down. I have to say I respect the devs for not doing an early steam release, instead opting for a very much finished single player experience. I'll cover more when the Multi-player experience is out and I have time to get my hands on it.


Residual advertisements and other changes

     I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the podcast was coming back. With the move, holidays, Superbowl, my daughter being sick and generally speaking, life...it was put on the back burner.
     Also we started using AdSense to try and get some revenue built up to offset the small costs of running our little network. These click based adds don't make us much but they do help cover some of the costs and help lighten the load. So feel free to click on em. It supports our cause. Thanks for understanding guys and sorry about the Adblock thing. It's only for a while.


The Division

        My brother and I and our friends and loved ones got a chance to play on the closed beta for the Division this last weekend.  I have to say I am impressed, its not exactly what i thought it would be but what game is after commercials(*cough* fallout 4 *cough*)?
     You do have to get use to playing in 3rd person but after an hour of play you forget you are, the style is great and even though we were locked out of most of the options (crafting, talents, abilities, most of the map, etc.)  you don't mind due to the originality of the PVP area.  Now the Dark Zone(PVP) was a nice change of pace and keeps you on your toes.
     You have no idea who the bad guys are because everyone is a good guy until they decide to attack another player, once you attack another player you become what is known as "Rogue Agent", you are then marked for death and any agent can kill you with no penalty to them, and they get extra PVP xp and money.
     Now if you can survive long enough(rogue agent is timed) you as a rogue also have a chance to make xtra pvp money, the longer you survive the more you make.  If you are lucky enough to keep killing and building up your timer as a rogue agent you then become the "man hunt" which means you are marked on the map for all players to hunt you down for even more goodies.
     All loot found in the Dark Zone is free game even after you have it, any player can kill you for your loot, it is up to you to get to one of 4 extraction zones, call in a chopper and survive long enough to have it shipped to your container in the pve zone where it is than permanently yours.  All the loot and or Purple or Yellow (highest grade) weapons or gear you buy or find can also be used in PVE missions.  i highly highly recommend DL this on the 18th and giving it a try.



Tanks For The Memories

Hey, Steve here. I irregularly contribute to this wonderful, wonderful blog, and usually do so by means of free advertising for games. For the last 14 months, I've been pretty obsessively playing armored FPS and TPS games. There's something about being strapped into several tons of extremely well-armed metal, even if only in pixel form, that appeals to my psyche in a big way. Today, I'm going to talk about World of Tanks. It's by no means the best offering in the field, but it's the one I've been playing the most frequently, and I am selfish and want people to game with, even at the cost of a superior gaming experience.

Ramming is a legitimate tactic.

The world is on fire. The year is 1939. Or 1946. Hell, probably both. You'll encounter tanks from all periods, and a wide variety of nations, as you play. The main difference between what I termed Armored FPS and say, Halo, or Call of Duty? Movement and placement are much more important in terms of mechanics. Twitch reflexes won't do you any good if your turret doesn't turn the 45° you need to get a line on your opponent. You have to think ahead, and move accordingly. Teamwork is also a critical component. If your team just hangs back and waits for stuff to happen, and you don't, you're likely to end up just another hole in the ground. The complicated hitboxes add another layer of strategy, as you'll want to place your shots to pierce armor and damage engines, ammo, and crewmen.

The system for unlocking new tanks can get grindy, and as such, these 14 months have been in small dosages, mainly when there's holiday bonuses, or other good reasons to log in for freebies. It's been around for a while, and there's still plenty of players at the introductory level, although there may be useless bots on your team until you get to tier 3. Right, didn't even mention the tier system. Tanks in the game are broken down into nationalities, which are then broken down into tiers and types, with lower tiers having less variety and firepower.

The tank types are broken down into 5 main categories: light tanks, which zip around and act as a damn nuisance; artillery, which uses the information from light tanks for indirect fire; medium tanks, which are the happy compromise between all the tank roles, and fairly able combatants; tank destroyers, slow, heavy ambush vehicles with way too much armor on the front and big guns; and heavy tanks, behemoths which generally act as the spearhead for a united offensive. The metagame argues that some tanks are better than others, but as you play, your play style will lend itself to a certain tank, and you'll get good with what you get good with, because the meta sometimes has a poor sense of fair.

This is a good place to be. Trust me, it'll make sense once you start playing.

That said, it's a good game to pick up with friends, and it's a good time-killer for when you don't have more than half an hour to spend on a game. You can play a match, reap the daily reward, or lose and perhaps have time to play another one, and move on with your life. And if you go with World of Tanks specifically, as opposed to the many other excellent titles within the genre, look up "Stripe_The_Hound". (Without the quotation marks.) If I'm online, I'll gladly fight alongside or against you. Good luck, and remember the ancient* creed: "Comrades, we are tank! If we lose treads, we are artillery! If we lose gun, we are bunker! If we lose armor, we are heroes!"

*Ancient, in this case, referring to some point after 1918, when the modern tank with its fancy swiveling turret was first released in the form of the Renault, after the First World War pioneered armored combat. But that's several paragraphs of a different story.



Must haves coming into 2016!

Here's the low down: You are missing out. The revolution of the garage builder is here and there are so many amazing things on kick-starter and in the multiverse. So here are a few things we're looking forward to in 2016:

First off is the SMACH Z. This thing is a portable Steam handheld. Yes, you read that right. It plays STEAM GAMES. Like our credit card isn't under enough duress from steam as it is. So this is what we know about the Machine:

The device is going to be based on an AMD G Series X86 “Steppe Eagle” SoC, Sporting a 5 inch 720p screen That rocks SteamOS. Smach said that around 1000 Steam games will be compatible at launch, including Civilization V, DOTA2 and Halflife 2. A Pro model with 4G for on the go gaming is also available. Both models will have all the usual connectivity such as MicroSD, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB OTG. Controller inputs seem to be based on the layout of Valve’s official controller. The website is claiming 5 hour battery life as well.

Second is The Starforce Pi. This thing is seriously art. And the guy who makes it is like a video game leprechaun who's telling you where his magical 16-bit rainbow is.

Here's the low down (according to Kick Starter). Raspberry Pi B+ (ARMv6 @ 700MHz, 512MB Ram). 4.2" TFT set to 4:3 ratio in 320x240res, sunken behind a magnified, tinted screen, adjustable vertical/tate or horizontal position. 2 Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm jack for headphones. 8-way microswitch arcade joystick. Arcade Shield (hwhardsoft.de) for RasPi, HDMI-output, 2xUSB-input. 3000mAh Li-ion battery (~5+ hours gameplay).

This is retro gaming CRACK as far as I'm concerned. Seriously. This is amazing. I would have to fight my wife for control of this thing (which usually results in a loss for me).

The Panasonic SC NT10 Portable speakers. There may be portable Bluetooth speakers out there with slightly better audio, but the mix of price and features in Panasonic's SC-NT10 goes beyond great sound. It's rugged enough to withstand splashes of water and particles of dust, dropping it, or leaving it in the cold. You can even use it as a Bluetooth speakerphone. For its size—2.2 inches high by 4.7 inches wide—it pumps up the volume enough to outperform many competitors.

"The Geek Dad" book series. Not every parent has an entire arsenal of "Projects" for kids. That includes me. These books have a WIDE range of to do projects, basic Chemistry and outdoor DIY's. From building rockets out of PVC to making homemade slime, It really is a must have for moms and dads. It's well written, easy to follow and makes a fantastic fathers day gift. Plus...SCIENCE!!

I think I'm going to round out this list with TrackIR 5. NaturalPoint’s TrackIR has been sailing these waters for a long while. They’ve been at it since 2001, to be precise. The evolution and diverse set of features in the TrackIR are second to none; even the Oculus Rift is just now incorporating Six Degrees of Freedom (DOF) into its development kits. It clips on your favorite hat, has a brilliant support team and works like a charm. I'll be picking one up for Star Citizen here soon.


Did we miss something? Let us know in the Comments below!


So, BF4 is still a thing...in case you were curious

So as the Holidays come to a close, I decided to take on a little BF4 with my . And as I enjoyed the feel of recoil and the delicate adjustments needed to play the roll of counter sniper...I had to share. It's not the best shot...but it's MY best shot.