The Division

        My brother and I and our friends and loved ones got a chance to play on the closed beta for the Division this last weekend.  I have to say I am impressed, its not exactly what i thought it would be but what game is after commercials(*cough* fallout 4 *cough*)?
     You do have to get use to playing in 3rd person but after an hour of play you forget you are, the style is great and even though we were locked out of most of the options (crafting, talents, abilities, most of the map, etc.)  you don't mind due to the originality of the PVP area.  Now the Dark Zone(PVP) was a nice change of pace and keeps you on your toes.
     You have no idea who the bad guys are because everyone is a good guy until they decide to attack another player, once you attack another player you become what is known as "Rogue Agent", you are then marked for death and any agent can kill you with no penalty to them, and they get extra PVP xp and money.
     Now if you can survive long enough(rogue agent is timed) you as a rogue also have a chance to make xtra pvp money, the longer you survive the more you make.  If you are lucky enough to keep killing and building up your timer as a rogue agent you then become the "man hunt" which means you are marked on the map for all players to hunt you down for even more goodies.
     All loot found in the Dark Zone is free game even after you have it, any player can kill you for your loot, it is up to you to get to one of 4 extraction zones, call in a chopper and survive long enough to have it shipped to your container in the pve zone where it is than permanently yours.  All the loot and or Purple or Yellow (highest grade) weapons or gear you buy or find can also be used in PVE missions.  i highly highly recommend DL this on the 18th and giving it a try.