Kenshi's Face Lift

  For those of you that Have played Kenshi, still play, or are even thinking about playing I highly suggest Jumping back in to it.  It no longer uses a desert only map, there are now several areas containing different Bi-oms such as:  Forrest, Swamp, desert, mountain, and plains.  You can no longer just craft your way out of the ground, you have to acquire books from the towns shops to move ahead, your people can go hungry, you can make deals with the bandits, you can move up in faction with Bandits and other likable or unlikable's.
 You can take major limb damage and even have it lopped off, you can build special kinds of mechanics to help you on your daily chores or even to replace a limb.  You have to actually mine ores from specific locations and your water source has to be strong for your farms.  There are Animals such as river raptors that roam in herds and will eat your people or trash your farms.  There are towns and cities spread out all over the map that you discover as you pass by, there are land marks and secret areas, there are so many new things added to this game including 3 new species of beings to play as.  Fore warned that the new species are not liked by humans and it took one of my "Alien" type species to finally escape from his prison, Why was he arrested?  He was not human and walked into the city to buy supplies....yeah....the good guys are racist.

  If you get a chance check this game out on Steam, in my opinion its pretty awesome if you have the patience for a game of this genre.  Also check out our new Podcast, we've been gone for awhile and it was over due, we will be attempting to do a new one every week.   Stay the same and keep up the game!

Charlie AKA ShadowWeezle

Maranda got the itch. For Jewel Quest.

Podcast for Semptember 12th, 2016

     Maranda Satisfies her Jewel Quest itch, Crystal dreamily looks at Facebook, And we discuss everything else geek related. All for your listening Pleasure.