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Furious Beta Podcast for September 23rd, 2016

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First Impressions of For Honor.

     Hello Everyone, Today I figured we would touch base on the For Honor Alpha and touch on some of the details regarding this IP.
     I was lucky enough to try out For Honor Closed Alpha this past weekend, and honestly, this game really looks amazing. Graphically it really hit the mark, the detail to characters and environment is just lovely to look at. The Tattoos, embroidery, different types of armor, emblems, and color schemes make the armors look amazing. You can choose your character to be male or female, what kind of material the armor is made of, steel, copper, bronze. As the game progresses and you level up your characters you unlock more customization and different skins you can purchase from in game currency.
     The controls are really well designed but could use some tweaks on recognition, sometimes you can feel like you shifted your stance but it never registered that you shifted your stance. Other times it feels very fluid and no issues, for once Ubisoft had decent servers during a Alpha. No real connection issues except for one game here or there but nothing that made it game breaking. The mechanics are a bit clunky, some of the heroes you were able to play with in the closed alpha seemed a little off.
      One of the interesting things they did with it is that you can play all 3 factions with your friends, its not set up as Vikings only or Knights only or Samurai only, you can play all 3 factions with your friends finding the right set up that works for your team. For me i found that i instantly fell in love with The Orochi was my all-time favorite Hero spent majority of the time playing as him.
     His move-set is very fluid you can gap close on your targets easily, and with his speed you can chase them down if they turn and try to run away from you. The passive abilities that you can unlock for him, make him a force to be reckoned with, from reducing damage done and increase damage taken on enemies in a radius around him, adding a bleed damage to his weapons, life and stamina regeneration on kill, increasing your damage if you successfully dodge an attack. By far one of the strongest and weakest heroes on the field. Strength in damage production, but fragile and can easily be destroyed in 3-4 hits.
    There weren't many game modes, just Duel, Brawl, and Dominion,Which was 1v1, 2v2, and a capture the flag sort of match. In dominion, the team who reaches 1000 points first makes the opposite teams morale break, which stops them from being able to spawn. each zone A, B, and C. All are worth 100 points each, while small minions that constantly spawn and head towards the middle of the field are worth 1 point each.
    The game is great and fun as a pick up hack and slash. But replay value is minimal if you don't have friends, and because it only comes with 3 modes as you can see from the video posted with this article it is a little worrisome. That it can turn into a game that can become very boring and repetitive very quickly. Hopefully on release they announce more modes for the game but as of right now with the alpha closed, only 3 modes seem to be active.
   The great news is that the alpha had you able to play 2 heroes from each faction, 2 Knights in the Conqueror and Warden, 2 Vikings in the Berserk and Raider, and the Samurai had The Orochi and Kensei. Rumor is that there will be an additional 6 Heroes available later on either on release or in DLC.
    No other information except from a interview earlier this week. Regardless, standing from what I saw during the Alpha, it will either be a hit or a miss with this game. It has its unique fun with the 3 way fighting of Vikings vs Samurai vs Knights, but don't think that will be able to make it worth a guarantee buy.