Clickbate? GPD made this, and its amazing!

The Metal Body UMPC looks fantastic
   After only a few hours of opening their Indiegogo campaign, GPD has smashed their $200k target. The Pocket is a 7 inch magnesium alloy clad UMPC taking its design from the era of the Sony Vaio P. The UMPC and Netbook suffered early deaths when Tablets hit the market, and I, for one, welcome the return of the small pocket computer form. Running both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04, you need to choose which you prefer before you order.

   Similar to the WIN, and powered by an Atom x7-Z8700 with 4 gigs RAM and a 7000mah battery this little beast is hitting a 1920×1200 res on its tiny 7 inch screen. judging by their campaign page it looks like they’re hoping to compete with Microsoft's Surface and Apple's MacBook Air, And while that's somewhat ludicrous, it doesn't diminish this amazing little Pocket PC.

Ordering requires you to pick an OS before shipping
   GPD, never one to be stopped (especially after the WIN fiasco), have almost hit their target funding within just a few hours of campaign launch. The magnesium alloy body and $400 price isn't hurting when bringing investors on board, as the numbers have shown.

   Their website has been hammered so you might have some issues seeing their promo material, but the Indiegogo page is here. Shipping is due in June this year, which means, at the time of this post, you'll have yours in about 2 months.

While a lot of people might be wondering why you would need this, in this writers opinion it's just a fantastic piece of equipment that adds a lot of mobility to your EDC loadout. It doesn't hurt that it's bluetooth 4.1 capable and even comes with a USB port (Thank God).

Looks great and functions better

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