Star Citizen 2.6.3 and the F7C-M Super Hornet

The Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet

     Thought I would share a fresh romp thru the stars with Star Citizen 2.6.3...And while the Free Lancer will always be my special little Courier ship, the Super Hornet has left me a bit breathless. But first, if you decide to join us, you can always get employment here: Employment guaranteed at Confidential Courier Securities.

     While running around Port Olisar, Debating on spaceman things (like if red is the right color of flight suit to match my eyes), I decided to embark on a journey with a limited time offer from Anvil. The ability to fly the F7C-M Super Hornet fighter craft.
Flying outside of Crusader

     Arguably one of the best fighters in the game, depending on who you ask, Its outfitted pretty nicely. With an added gunner seat sporting two S1 mounts, you can now bring a friend on your killing spree...or to hold your Horchata from Cry-Astro.

     As i was decimated by a single pirate, my first ride out, I can honestly say the flight Mechanics were a bit different from my trusty 'Lancer. She's a helluva lot more nimble, whipping out of control whilst I fight red-outs. after a couple of runs, I settled into her like a rider would his trusty steed. slicing through black matter with the grace of a moderately trained, green behind the ears, pilot...whos only saving grace is his X-55 Rhino.

     I think the only issue I really encounters was landing back at Port O. For some reason the front landing pad..which caused the ship to jostle off of the landing pad and float into space. Never to be seen again (at least until I respawn one).

     So, after our little romp, I decided to enjoy a little time inside my 'Lancer. It's kind of amazing how beautiful this game is. Well crafted, an ocular feast, if you will. All of the little lights and thrusters, The way the directional boosters move so well with each strafe and weave, spouting its cloudy fuel into the black.
Even the entrance to the docking pads is an event in detail and extravagance. 
Crusader from the view of a simple trade vessel.

As you can see, you're HUD is very much a part of the game. Not just an overlay for FPS view.

enjoying the unexpected spin that seems to happen in space when you leave your seat...

Yup. the Freelancer has a sun roof.

The Freelancer Cockpit
     It seriously just brilliant. I mean look at the stills. Crusader rotates, the sun reflects, oft times in a blinding fashion. And the controls, once again, return to normal. As I reflect on my oft short sessions, I've come to realize that this really is an ever growing, ever changing Simulator that is more an experience in skill, than it is a game. You forget where you are as you immerse into the dog fights, trying to get into Satellites to turn them on as fast as possible, or simply sitting down for some One on One in Star Marine. And we will continue to broadcast from the stars.


  1. Nice intro, as well. Some people don't use them on their blogs, and I'll miss them.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! It's always appreciated.


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