Is Bad Company 2 Still the Best Battlefield?

  The Battlefield series has been a long running favorite of mine.  Bad Company 2 is still my favorite game in the series.  It has been slowly but surely dying to the newer titles.  The mass majority of players that still play the game are based in Europe and Latin America.  The great thing about the online side of the game is that mostly only die-hard fans still play it, therefore most of the nonsense is weeded out.  The online side of the game is a dying breed, but the campaign still holds its own against the newer titles. 

  You take the role of Marlowe, a Lieutenant in B Company, a squad of misfit elite soldiers tasked to find the Black Project and stop it.  The Black Project is an EMP weapon created by the Japanese during WWII, and the Russians are trying to find it in the present era Latin/South America to aid in their taking over of the world.  The story line is both comedic and serious.  It really makes you want to move on to the next set of missions.  It is a fantastical story line that was deviated from in the main Battlefield series.

  The problem I find with it is the ending.  It leaves on a cliff hanger -"They're coming in through Alaska"- and it hasn't been continued.  For some reason, D.I.C.E. hasn't continued with the Bad Company story line, and has focused these past seven years on making the main line Battlefield series- Ones whose campaigns fall short of spectacular and instead focus on the online aspects. 

  I would love to see Bad Company make a comeback on the newest version of Frostbite.  It would be well wanted and deserved for fans of Bad Company.  It would also be a nice break from the main line Battlefield series. 

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome, please comment below!


  1. Uhmm can't agree with that at all. Sure, it was the first game in BF series with at least somehow memorable single player, but pvp part was quite poor.. And I was encouraged by BF1, but this is all about gorgeous appearance, but I still prefer the way Global Offensive plays more) And in this very game it's able to customize your guns in so many ways, thanks to skins CS GO https://skinsmarket.com/ Also, on this server they are a lot cheaper than in Steam :) But I'm still playing BF1 from time to time because of appreciation of WWI setting!

    1. Personally I HATE CSGO. The community is absolutely toxic and filled with to many guys living in mamas basement who think it's "Real Combat". I might be bitter. I still think BF4 has some of the best multi-player combat I've dealt with. So much so that I still play it. I won't rule out Escape from Tarkov yet, as the customization is INSANE. It's a giant free for all, but team implementation should be showing up soon. Thanks for engaging with us!YOu can also join us on Facebook to win free steam codes (Theyre not AAA titles yet, but its a little thank you) https://www.facebook.com/groups/gamers.will.survive/