Fractured. Pre-Alpha Video...The MMO of ancient...planetary...dungeons?

     With the flood of F2P MMO's transforming into something that's ACTUALLY enjoyable, Guild Wars and Black Desert being a prime example (if you take the time to figure it out, you can do SO MUCH in that game), Something that really piqued my interest was Fractured.

In game Tavern, Where many a case of Chlamydia has been caught.

     From their Website: "Fractured is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with fully interactable environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative game-play. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies through your own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade and venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero, or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire." I know, that was really lazy. But since there is no Alpha to play test, we're left to speculation. AVANTE!

Build a Town! Sell some apples! Share a laugh as you throw them at peasants! You own a village, who cares!
     Fractured feature three races, all with specific game play styles. Items in game are all crafted. The system allows you to manipulate the economies of different areas to gain better profits, Farming to supply travelers with food when they go to other planets, Destroy indigenous ecosystems by mining and wood cutting for PROFITSSSSSS, Travel to beautiful Locals, meet the locals, Kill them so you can scavenge their bones and skin

Prometheus and Uriel have decided "Clothing is Optional" on their swamp vaca...
     The game really seems to have this deep player driven economic and societal system. There are no level restrictions for quests, and no attribute points. You essentially roll your strengths and weaknesses and (as I have said about Ultima Online) You simply BECOME.

     It has a lot of MOBA attributes in an MMO setting (their words, not mine). a lot of dungeon crawler mechanics are introduced into a fully open Sandbox Environment. Fully interactable environments, building hamlets into kingdoms, raids and Sieges, PvE, PVP....On paper this really sounds like an attractive endeavor.

Don't forget the red room! You can thank my wife for me knowing what the hell that is.
     Signing up and registering is totally free , but all this being said, pledges have just opened up, Starting at 25£ ($32.68) which gives you access the phase 2 Beta test, a VIP membership and some Gold coins for the store selling cosmetic perks. ALL the way up to a wohoping 5000£, allowing you to design your own Hellmark that will be seen all over the game, as well as a damn giant statue at all monster nests. Those cosmetic perks, as I mentioned, help speed up "Studying" of skills that are non-combat related. So there is no Pay to Win. Feel free to sign up, if thats your jam, right HERE!


quick update!@##$@^#&$^*

We've been having a lot of technical difficulties getting articles up, Not sure why. Bear with us as we start to re-upload the files.

Also, we're SUPER close to hitting our goal to give away a AAA title on the console of the winners choice, so keep up with the ad campaign!

More info inbound in the next coming days!


Summer giveaway! Or: How I buy a communities love.

     Want a Free AAA (or close to it) game for the console (...or steam) of your choice? Well, my friends, you came to the right place! Not only will you endure an onslaught of hellish conditions, We'll probably ask you to put yourself into embarrassing situations!

     While our sick and twisted staff try to think up ways for you to make your mother question her life choices, we'll also be standing as Judge, Jury and GIFT GIVERS +3!.

     This is our very first AAA give away and it's all because of the support you guys are giving the project. So, stand by as we decide your fate...MUAHAHAHAHA!


Subsistence or The Art of Hating

     I have been toying with picking up subsistence for a few months. Survivalism is a passion and this one is zombie free. Though not without opposition. Or grub worms.

     As I did my research on the project (Subsistence is using every part of the animal), it's heavily noted that this game is being developed by ONE PERSON. No big teams, just one dude. By himself. He might have a dog (I'm not sure).

     The game isn't hard...but it is very challenging. Your not gonna chop down 4 trees and build a castle. I've been at my fourth run for 2 hours and have some floors, a bow and about 7 arrows.
The game rewards you for exploring and playing smart. Bearing this in mind, the game is a marathon, not a sprint.

     Lots of random crates give you essential mats for early crafting. Which you have to find. In the woods. Hiding from black bears that smell your fear.

     It's all random...and bear are apparently attracted to wooden crates because they won't move. At all...except to eat your face. and they will. And there will be much frustration.

     There are "Hunters", which are essentially your enemy. An enemy that carries better gear and can be farmed a lot easier than chickens. Did I mention you can turn them off and on at will? You can.

     The game hates you. It wants to break, bleed and bruise your tender bits like a nun at boarding school. It wants to hurt you when you forget to store items. And it's going to call your mother and tell her about all the bad choices you have made while at college.

     Then...after all your hard work getting tossed around like your three year olds favorite stuffed animal during a tantrum...it wants you to slaughter everyone. Kind of like that ex that you hated but couldn't get enough of. Without the emotional baggage.

     For a game built by a lone wolf, on his off time (though he's at it full time now), it's actually quite brilliant. the graphics are beautiful, controls are fluid and function, crafting is easy and to the point. And while you're going to find yourself frustrated, and often a little lost, it's well worth the 14.99 on steam. 


Tarkov, you fickle bitch!

     As we settle into building our new home, time has been a bit of a crunch and I haven't had much of it as it were. I try to fill the space with others videos and such, but it seems I'm the only one doing it. I'll get on the rest of the crew for slacking.

     If your interested in Escape from Tarkov I would highly suggest it. Not only is it a challenge to find extraction points (without using the internet), it's down right brutal. lots of last minute deaths leaves you with a sense of "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" as you b line it for the exfil with minutes to spare.

     Even if you just pay for the basic game, it's well worth your time. At the moment, it's one giant free-for-all. Still in Beta the devs promise to put roadblocks in place to discourage TKing and keep factions loyal to each other. No minimaps, highly accurate weapons systems and accurate shots keep you on your toes. This isn't Call of Duty.

     The customizability is intense. As someone who builds his own firearms, I am highly impressed. YOu have the standard Optics, Suppressors, butt stocks...but it goes deeps. barrels, dust covers, custom rails, Pistol grips, AFG's, different mags, a ton of different ammo...the list is extensive. Even Glock fanatics get a bunch of love (it is one of the most customizable guns of today).

Here's a little clip of my frustrations to highlight the emphasis on time. So you cannot camp and farm all day.


OpenDingux and Gmenu2X For The RetroGame RS-97

     I love handheld emulators. It's like an addiction I can't kick. Often times I find myself in back allies dropping money on Chinese hardware just so I can get my FFVII fix. I get...an Itch.

Emulators of this type tend to be buggy and slow, it's just something we've had to deal with. But things are on the rise as the market slowly grows, giving way to more stable products. Eventually (I keep hoping) the market will catch up to to the GCW Zero, at a fraction of the cost.

If your going to flash your own system, This video here has links to everything you’ll need (Check description).

If you think you can keep up, the thread at dingoonity is currently at 56 pages and going strong.

You can find Steward’s github HERE
and his website is HERE