OpenDingux and Gmenu2X For The RetroGame RS-97

     I love handheld emulators. It's like an addiction I can't kick. Often times I find myself in back allies dropping money on Chinese hardware just so I can get my FFVII fix. I get...an Itch.

Emulators of this type tend to be buggy and slow, it's just something we've had to deal with. But things are on the rise as the market slowly grows, giving way to more stable products. Eventually (I keep hoping) the market will catch up to to the GCW Zero, at a fraction of the cost.

If your going to flash your own system, This video here has links to everything you’ll need (Check description).

If you think you can keep up, the thread at dingoonity is currently at 56 pages and going strong.

You can find Steward’s github HERE
and his website is HERE

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