Tarkov, you fickle bitch!

     As we settle into building our new home, time has been a bit of a crunch and I haven't had much of it as it were. I try to fill the space with others videos and such, but it seems I'm the only one doing it. I'll get on the rest of the crew for slacking.

     If your interested in Escape from Tarkov I would highly suggest it. Not only is it a challenge to find extraction points (without using the internet), it's down right brutal. lots of last minute deaths leaves you with a sense of "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" as you b line it for the exfil with minutes to spare.

     Even if you just pay for the basic game, it's well worth your time. At the moment, it's one giant free-for-all. Still in Beta the devs promise to put roadblocks in place to discourage TKing and keep factions loyal to each other. No minimaps, highly accurate weapons systems and accurate shots keep you on your toes. This isn't Call of Duty.

     The customizability is intense. As someone who builds his own firearms, I am highly impressed. YOu have the standard Optics, Suppressors, butt stocks...but it goes deeps. barrels, dust covers, custom rails, Pistol grips, AFG's, different mags, a ton of different ammo...the list is extensive. Even Glock fanatics get a bunch of love (it is one of the most customizable guns of today).

Here's a little clip of my frustrations to highlight the emphasis on time. So you cannot camp and farm all day.

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