Subsistence or The Art of Hating

     I have been toying with picking up subsistence for a few months. Survivalism is a passion and this one is zombie free. Though not without opposition. Or grub worms.

     As I did my research on the project (Subsistence is using every part of the animal), it's heavily noted that this game is being developed by ONE PERSON. No big teams, just one dude. By himself. He might have a dog (I'm not sure).

     The game isn't hard...but it is very challenging. Your not gonna chop down 4 trees and build a castle. I've been at my fourth run for 2 hours and have some floors, a bow and about 7 arrows.
The game rewards you for exploring and playing smart. Bearing this in mind, the game is a marathon, not a sprint.

     Lots of random crates give you essential mats for early crafting. Which you have to find. In the woods. Hiding from black bears that smell your fear.

     It's all random...and bear are apparently attracted to wooden crates because they won't move. At all...except to eat your face. and they will. And there will be much frustration.

     There are "Hunters", which are essentially your enemy. An enemy that carries better gear and can be farmed a lot easier than chickens. Did I mention you can turn them off and on at will? You can.

     The game hates you. It wants to break, bleed and bruise your tender bits like a nun at boarding school. It wants to hurt you when you forget to store items. And it's going to call your mother and tell her about all the bad choices you have made while at college.

     Then...after all your hard work getting tossed around like your three year olds favorite stuffed animal during a tantrum...it wants you to slaughter everyone. Kind of like that ex that you hated but couldn't get enough of. Without the emotional baggage.

     For a game built by a lone wolf, on his off time (though he's at it full time now), it's actually quite brilliant. the graphics are beautiful, controls are fluid and function, crafting is easy and to the point. And while you're going to find yourself frustrated, and often a little lost, it's well worth the 14.99 on steam.