Feburary Update (GIVEAWAY NEWS)

So the new year has started out kind of slow. New house move has made it difficult to set up our studio in the office. or storage space has been cut in half until the barn is put up and we have extra space (might have to bring in a Conex box).


Furious Beta is partnering with the Doom Dragon Gaming crew to increase overall viewership. And I've been doing this Solo so it would be nice to push some great content with variety. This is just a heads up because we hadn't been posting and I really felt like I was letting everyone down. Hopefully I can get this stuff up and going this month. New guests, new topics, new Podcast, NEW GIVEAWAYS! In honor of our fallen friend, Jon, We'll be giving away a custom RetroPi 3, programmed and fully loaded with games (and a controller)! More on that soon. So make sure you keep visiting the site to chock up ad revenue.

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